LED Lighting 23port Output Board

LED Lighting 23port Output Board

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Available Options

23 outputs in total broken out into:

Ribbon cable connection:

15x 1watt LED outputs with onboard limiting resistors (for RGB lightbar lighting)

1x 12V strobe output

4 Pin ledstrip connection:

1x  12v power output

3x  RGB output (for undercab/speaker/flipper lighting strips)

4 Pin Header:

4x outputs for cabinet button lighting

Integrated DC/DC converter that creates the required 3.3v from the 12 supplied to board

Integrated DOF controller onboard means no external controller controller

Full Speed USB 2.0 connectivity with supplied mini USB B cable

Includes 36" ribbon cable, LED connection Board, and required connectors for installation

Be sure to select a device number that doesn't conflict with any existing LEDWiz devices in your system.

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