Pinscape Expansion Lightboard

Pinscape Expansion Lightboard

$119.99 CAD

Product Code: PSLB
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TLC5940 based Expansion Board


  • 16 Medium Power Outputs (1A @ 20V MAX)
  • 6 pin ribbon cable connection (input) to Pinscape Basic Board
  • 6 pin ribbon cable connection (output) to next Expansion Board
  • 16 pin ribbon cable connection to LED connection Board
  • Fully regulated supplemental  power source (input)
  • Fully isolated input
  • Small Form Factor


  • Pinscape Expansion Board
  • LED connection Board (including resistance for 5V 350ma LEDs)
  • 6 pin ribbon cable
  • 16 pin ribbon cable
  • 5V 2A power supply

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