WS2812B Flipper Lighting Boards

WS2812B Flipper Lighting Boards

$19.99 CAD

Product Code: RGBFBWS2812B
Availability: Coming Soon

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Available Options

  • Easy to Install
  • 8 x WS2812B RGB Serial Addressable LEDs
  • Super Bright
  • 480ma maximum operating draw (with 8 LEDs the recommended brightness setting would be at 50% = 240ma max draw)
  • Current limited to 5V
  • Can be wired by harness and connector pins or soldered directly
  • Can be daisy chained (Data IN - Data Out connections)
  • Requires Serial Addressable Controller
  • Sold per piece

Let those flipper buttons shine!

See them in action on YouTube ....

Just bang that 1 1/8" bit through the cabinet side and install.  No extra notching or recessing of the opening required.

Available with or with out optional 3 pin harness and connector.

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