TAO Output Mainboard

TAO Output Mainboard

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In Taoism, Tao is "the One, which is natural, spontaneous, eternal, nameless, and indescribable. It is at once the beginning of all things and the way in which all things pursue their course."

Total Addressable Output Control of your system!

Say goodbye to multiple boards and protocols in your system design.

The Zebsboards TAO system moves all of your outputs to one controller, eliminating the need for Ledwiz, PacLed, Pinscape and Teensy.

One USB cable means one stream of data to handle which means one directoutput.ini file to control everything DOF Related.

Now supports Serial Controlled Night Mode Switching through included, easy to use batch files and scripts.

Requires TAO system Configuration software .  Download from the Main Menu under "Manuals and Files".

Comes with Open Source (Office Libre) configuration utility putting complete control of your system back in your hands.

Do to the nature of the configuration involved this board is designed for new builds and is not recomended as an addition to an existing force feedback build.

Mainboard Lighting Outputs:

5 Flasher Lightbar           Strobes

Start Button                      Extra Ball Button

Fire Button                        Launch Button

RGB Undercab                  Beacon

Mainboard Feedback Outputs:

Shaker                                Gear

Fan                                      Knocker

Flippers                              10 x Solenoids

ZBLaunch                           3 x Unassigned Outputs

Mainboard Serial Addressable Outputs:

6 x open channels for use with sidestrips/matrix/speakers/whatever!

Board Specifications:

- Serial Controller - D1 Mini Based running Zebsboards custom firmware

- 42 onboard truly isolated outputs (24 Lighting, 18 force feedback)

- 42 onboard output indicator leds

- ATX 24pin mainboard power supply input

- 5V DC isolated opto power rail input

- mainboard power switch input

- night mode switch input

- AddOn board expansion port

- 3.3V/5V/12V power input/output terminals

Kit Includes:

- 1pc TAO Mainboard w/Serial Controller

- 1pc Mainboard Mounting Rails

- 1pc USB A-Micro (6ft/2m)

- 1pc 5V 2A wall adapter

- dimensions: 11.5" (292mm) x 4.5" (114mm)

- weight: 1.45lbs (.585kg)


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