Digital/Analog Plunger W/Integrated Ball Shooter V5

Digital/Analog Plunger W/Integrated Ball Shooter V5

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Integrated Ball Shooter Design - No Shooter Mech Required!!

The Original Launch Ball Button & Palm Smash replacement plunger 

 Kit Features:

  •     Integrated Ball shooter mounted control assembly
  •     Includes 32 Button Expansion Board
  •     3D printed Housing with modular mounting plate 
  •     in house assembled control unit
  •     zero delay full speed USB2.0 controller
  •     digital plunge functions - using simple serial commands switches the plunger to replace a Launch Ball Button *
  •     button input functions
  •     realistic, stable analog nudging functions.
  •     hardware nudge sensitivity adjustment control
  •      hardware tilt control function and adjustment
  •      includes all cables and fasteners required for mounting and connection

 Plunger Features:

  •      Smooth, repeatable action
  •      Stable, consistent performance
  •      B10K Potentiometer for true linear performance
  •      Compatibility with VP, FP and Pinball FX2/FX3***

 Nudge Features:

  •     Complete configuration compatibility with VP, FP and Pinball FX2 control settings
  •      Automatic return to zero positioning
  •      Realistic and stable performance
  •      Hardware control knob for adjusting sensitivity
  •      Hardware control knob for setting tilt sensitivity

Input Features: 

  •      32 Gamepad Button Inputs        
  •       11 Hard Coded standard keyboard control inputs including single click coin door switching  
  •      2 x 4-way DPad inputs     
  •      Fully debounced inputs for consistent, reliable function
  •      Serial command switching between Keyboard and full Gamepad function
  •      External Calibration/Gamepad-Keyboard Switching Input

User upgradable firmware for future enhancement releases.

V4Rev5_3 September 2021 Revision

  Current Revisions to software include:

  - Replaced analog accelerometer with i2c

  - Changed accelerometer reporting to 16bit resolution from 8bit

  - Revised Gain Adjustment values and routine

  - Revised Plunger Reporting routine

  - Added On Board Calibration Switch and External Calibration Switch Input (when Expander is installed)

  - Added 2 x I/O i2c expanders (32 button inputs total)support (when Expander is installed)

  - Added TILT Enable/Disable by serial command ('T' - enables/disables based on previous state)

  - Reformatted serial commands to single character ('G' - gamepad, 'K' - keyboard, 'A' - analog mode, 'D' - digital mode, 'C' - receive key configuration, 'R' - receive output data stream)

  - Debugged Serial transmission routines - closed holes and fall throughs

  - Added 2x D-pads support to report to allow for native joystick control (when Expander is installed)

  - Added infrastructure for external button/key assignment through serial transmission

  - Added infrastructure for possible future output expansion

Verified working under Win7 (64 and 32 bit), Win 8.1(64 and 32 bit), Windows 10

*** PinballFX2 compatibility requires DOFLinx or xbox360ce to be installed and configured for plunger and nudging axis control and can be found


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