Pinscape Basic

Pinscape Basic

$94.99 CAD

Product Code: PScaBasic
Availability: In Assembly 1-2 weeks

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Designed for the average cabinet builder!


  • 24 button inputs
  • Separate Calibration Button input
  • Potentiometer (Plunger) input
  • 16 fully isolated high power outputs (5A @ 30V Max)
  • 9 pwm capable outputs, 7 digital ON/OFF outputs
  • TLC5940 Expansion header (optional Expansion Boards sold separately)
  • ATX and Standard power supply capability
  • Easy Connect Spring Terminals
  • Small Form Factor


  • Pinscape Basic Breakout Board
  • 6' USB MiniB cable
  • Pre-configured Pinscape Settings File

KL25Z NOT INCLUDED in Basic Price

Pinscape Basic board does not have the ability to control IR remote functions, replay knocker timer circuit, 7H595 output expansion header, or many other extended features of the full Pinscape Release

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