Terms of Service

While every effort has been taken to ensure the items sold on this site have been tested and deemed safe, care should be exercised in the proper connecting and powering of any electronic device. Ensure that any connections or adjustments being made are done in compliance with local  and federal laws governing the use of electronic appliances and ALWAYS perform said operations with the POWER OFF. Double check all connections before powering on any electronic device.
Devices sold on this site are to be used for testing purposes only and are not to be assumed to have passed federal safety inspections or evaluation. No liability is assumed by zebsboards.com for damages incurred by the use of or incorrect installation of any devices purchased from this site.
By acknowledging the terms of agreement, using the information posted and by placing an order you the purchaser are agreeing to the purchase of the product and acknowledging the sole ownership of the intellectual property rights including but not limited to circuit design, software provided by, firmware and any mechanical design utilized in the production of the products for sale in this store or elsewhere as belonging to Stephen Ridgley and zebsboards.com.  As well, you the purchaser are agreeing that the purchase being made is for the use of the product as intended as end-user and not for the purpose of copying, cloning, or otherwise  duplicating the product for any commercial purpose or monetary gain without the expressed written consent of Stephen Ridgley and/or zebsboards.com.

Quality Control and Returns 

Items sold on this site have passed quality inspection and burn-in prior to being shipped.Every effort has been made to ensure that all products shipped have been manufactured to the best of my ability. Any warranty returns for defective products are to be submitted within 30 days of receipt of purchase. Items accepted for return will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of zebsboards.com.  Items manufactured and sold by zebsboards.com sold on this site have a limited manufacturer warranty period of 90 days.  Refunds will not be given on any product sold by or shipped from Zebsboards.com as a matter of policy.  
 Items sold on this site are deemed static sensitive and as such require the standard proper handling procedures to be followed when handling static sensitive devices.  Failure to follow the standard practices and procedures may result in damage to the product not covered by the warranty.  Zebsboards.com reserves the right to refuse warranty to items displaying evidence of improper connection and/or handling.
Zebsboards.com takes no responsibility for equipment malfunction or damage incurred by equipment malfunction due to improper use of the product, improper configuration of the product, improper software setup, or acts of God.  
Zebsboards.com is not responsible or liable for any equipment failure or damage caused by incorrect, incomplete or any other form of software configuration and it is the end-user's responsibility to ensure that the software environment products are installed into are proper and correct.  Zebsboards.com has no affiliation with or control over any software programs, developers or programming and any products sold on this site not produced by Zebsboards.com are of a resale nature only.  No warranty is implied by Zebsboards.com for products manufactured by Ultimarc, Groovy Gamegear, or any other manufacturer other than Zebsboards.com and warranty issues for such products should be addressed to the original manufacturer.  
Returns are to be made by TRACKED POSTAL SHIPMENT only.  Delivery returns made by courier shipment (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) will be refused  as Zebsboards.com will not be responsible for any import duties and taxes imposed at customs on returned merchandise.  Returns are to be acknowledged by Zebsboards.com through email contact (office@zebsboards.com) prior to shipping out the return.  Return shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the sender and Zebsboards.com will not in any way be responsible for reimbursement of shipping charges to or from Zebsboards.com.
Returns are to be valued for customs as $10.00CAD or less and listed as Warranty Return to avoid brokerage charges and taxes payable on delivery.  Any charges incurred by Zebsboards.com on receiving goods for return as a result of not following this procedure will be passed along to the customer returning the goods.
Returns are to be mailed to:  Steve Ridgley, 40-95 Crawforth Street, Whitby ON, L1N 7L3, CANADA   tel: +1 905 442-8624

Terms of service are subject to change without notice