Digital/Analog Plunger No Ball Shooter Assembly V5

Digital/Analog Plunger No Ball Shooter Assembly V5

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The Original Launch Ball Button & Palm Smash replacement plunger 

 Kit Features:

  •     Ball shooter mounted control assembly   
  •     Includes 32 button expansion board
  •     3D printed Housing with modular mounting plate 
  •     in house assembled control unit
  •     zero delay full speed USB2.0 controller
  •     digital plunge functions - using simple serial commands switches the plunger to replace a Launch Ball Button *
  •     button input functions
  •     realistic, stable analog nudging functions.
  •     hardware nudge sensitivity adjustment control
  •      hardware tilt control function and adjustment
  •      includes all cables and fasteners required for mounting and connection

 Plunger Features:

  •      Smooth, repeatable action
  •      Stable, consistent performance
  •      B10K Potentiometer for true linear performance
  •      Compatibility with VP, FP and Pinball FX2/FX3***

 Nudge Features:

  •     Complete configuration compatibility with VP, FP and Pinball FX2 control settings
  •      Automatic return to zero positioning
  •      Realistic and stable performance
  •      Hardware control knob for adjusting sensitivity
  •      Hardware control knob for setting tilt sensitivity

Input Features: 

  •      32 Gamepad Button Inputs        
  •      17 Hard Coded standard keyboard control inputs including single click coin door switching  
  •      2 x 4-way DPad inputs     
  •      Fully debounced inputs for consistent, reliable function
  •      Serial command switching between Keyboard and full Gamepad function
  •      External Calibration/Gamepad-Keyboard Switching Input

User upgradable firmware for future enhancement releases.

V4Rev5_3 September 2021 Revision

  Current Revisions to software include:

  - Replaced analog accelerometer with i2c

  - Changed accelerometer reporting to 16bit resolution from 8bit

  - Revised Gain Adjustment values and routine

  - Revised Plunger Reporting routine

  - Added On Board Calibration Switch and External Calibration Switch Input (when Expander is installed)

  - Added 2 x I/O i2c expanders (32 button inputs total)support (when Expander is installed)

  - Added TILT Enable/Disable by serial command ('T' - enables/disables based on previous state)

  - Reformatted serial commands to single character ('G' - gamepad, 'K' - keyboard, 'A' - analog mode, 'D' - digital mode, 'C' - receive key configuration, 'R' - receive output data stream)

  - Debugged Serial transmission routines - closed holes and fall throughs

  - Added 2x D-pads support to report to allow for native joystick control (when Expander is installed)

  - Added infrastructure for external button/key assignment through serial transmission

  - Added infrastructure for possible future output expansion

Verified working under Win7 (64 and 32 bit), Win 8.1(64 and 32 bit), Windows 10

** While this unit has been tested with ball shooter mechanisms from various manufacturers, proper operation without adjustment cannot be guaranteed when not using the recommended plungers (William's WPC style). Cabinet front panel thickness used in programming and calibrating the unit is based on standard construction of 3/4" material.  Ball shooters recommended for use can be purchased from  here (Pinball Life). 

*** PinballFX2 compatibility requires DOFLinx or xbox360ce to be installed and configured for plunger and nudging axis control and can be found


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